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Wellness Programs for Healthcare Professionals

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Individual coaching sessions
(30-, 45- or 60-minute sessions)

During one-on-one sessions with your coach, you will explore what is important to you, the kind of person you want to be, your values, goals and dreams. Coaches help you become the best you can be and inspire you by helping you break through what is holding you back from manifesting your dreams. Coaches will challenge you and hold you accountable for your plans.


Programs | Individual or group

  1. ​Communication skills​

    • ​Communicating with medical professionals​

    • Communicating with patients/clients

    • Relationships

  2. How to avoid burnout

  3. Stress in the working environment

  4. Professionalism

  5. Career Plans

  6. Life management (personal, professional,
    and wellbeing)

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International Transition Coaching

Working with individuals and families new to the United States and assisting them in becoming comfortable and able to excel in this new environment.


Energy Leadership

Working with groups or individuals to gain an understanding of energy levels and how they have a significant role in everyday life. We will discuss how all of us have both anabolic and catabolic energy and how this truly affects everyday life and realizing we have choices to be more anabolic if we so choose.

Who we are

Aspire Healthcare Professionals Coaching is a collective of coaching professionals from different specialties who offer individual and group coaching sessions as well as programs on topics such as communication, how to avoid burnout, life management, wellbeing, leadership and goal setting.

Team members
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Janet Wolcott  PharmD, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, CTDS, CWDS

Wellbeing and Transitions Coaching

I am a life coach and clinical pharmacist located in Culloden, West Virginia. I grew up in New Jersey and my career led me to WV. I started a family late in life and have been a leader in the nation in my profession. After experiencing burnout, I began learning to balance career and family and still enjoy my life. My experience and training have opened doors to help others find and live the life they desire.

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Aya Sippie-Okoshi MBA, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP

International Transition Coaching

I serve expats and their family members during their transition period. I was born and grew up in Tokyo and relocated to New Jersey in 2014 with my husband and two young children. It was not easy to establish a new life in a new country and leave my home country, my family, and my career. Now I am equipped to empower people in navigating their new environment and finding happiness.



Executive Leadership Coach / COURAGE COACH

Effective Leadership at the best of times comes with a heavy burden, so it’s understandable during this time of crisis that our Leaders feel overwhelmed by the immense pressure on them to execute and to keep their people safe.  Having over 25 years of leadership experience, I can be that someone to listen, be nonjudgmental and to be always there for you, this allows you to relieve some of that pressure.  In addition, I welcome the opportunity to partner with people who have the courage or want to have the courage to break through the restraints that hold them back from living a life that they DREAM about. 


What is coaching?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as a partnership with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

According to ICF, "Client by client, ICF coaches help their clients improve lives, relationships and business performance. They make a real and measurable difference in people’s lives."

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

Counseling typically focuses on problems and issues rooted in the past and why things happened.

A life coach starts with where you are now and helps you get to where you want to be. A life coach inspires you to connect your inner purpose and passion to pursue goals and strategies that will help you live your best life. 

What are the benefit of coaching?

There are many benefits of hiring a coach such as improvement in productivity, the well-being of employees, and even ROI (return on investment).

What coaches do:

  • Inspire and champion you to be the best you can be 

  • Help you do and see things beyond what you think you are capable of

  • Help you approach life from a place of confidence

  • Helps you break through what holds you back from manifesting your dreams 

  • Challenge you to focus your time to do what you really want to do

  • Coaches know their clients know the answers. Coaches just help pull them out

  • Will help you be accountable for what you say you’ll do

  • Coaching is a solution-focused partnership where you and your coach design a plan based on your agenda​

To learn more about coaching, visit

Can I have a trial session?

Yes, complimentary demo sessions are available. Our online booking system is currently under construction. To book a demo session or learn more, please email your request to <>

Frequently Asked Questions

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh

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